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Real Estate Workout

Our real estate workout team advises businesses and individuals involved with troubled real estate investments.  Our clients include developers, investors, lenders, buyers and sellers in workouts and restructuring involving various types of real estate assets.  Where appropriate, our services include the reorganization or liquidation of complex real estate and business assets.  We collaborate with our clients to strategize, negotiate and implement workouts, forebearance arrangements, loan modifications, and note or asset sales.

Our Real Estate Workout Services Include:

  • Understanding and acting to satisfy clients’ needs and objections efficiently and effectively
  • Collaborating with our clients and their other professionals to provide comprehensive coverage of troubled situations
  • Handling the acquisition of troubled assets
  • Restructuring the operations and obligations of complex real estate assets and real estate-related businesses
  • Negotiating and implementing forebearance agreements, workouts, and loan modifications on behalf of lenders or borrowers

Recent Projects:
The economic climate has brought a variety of real estate related business challenges. Our workout team recently:

  • Took remedial steps in a bankruptcy case, after confirmation of a plan, to protect the interest of a developer in connection with the acquisition of a $25 million parcel that has gone through bankruptcy with defective court orders
  • Restructured a troubled condominium project following suspension of operation by the lenders in order to achieve agreement among all stakeholders to restart, complete and sellout the project
  • Worked with a local developer to raise additional capital from investors
  • Assisted a landlord in dealing with troubled tenants
  • Helped a developer stabilize a shopping mall property, modify the related construction loan into a three-year bridge, and sell the property at a highly favorable price