Commercial Law & Insolvency - Clark & Trevithick | Full Service Boutique Law Firm in Los Angeles, California | Southern California
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Commercial Law & Insolvency

Our commercial law and insolvency practice provides creditors, including vendors as well as private and institutional lenders, and borrowers the expertise they need to navigate through the entire restructuring process. We strive to provide creative and cost-effective solutions without formal court proceedings, but also have represented a wide variety of businesses through formal Chapter 11 proceedings where appropriate.

We represent buyers and sellers of businesses in and out of court and in informal proceedings such as assignments for the benefit of creditors. We also represent creditors and borrowers in structuring relationships to minimize use from the outset, and also to resolve various financial problems.

Non-Debtor Bankruptcy Representations

  • Axium International, Inc.
  • Liborio Markets, Inc. (Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act)
  • North American Scientific, Inc.
  • NAMCO Capital Group, Inc.
  • Wickes Furniture Co., Inc.
  • Sharper Image Corp.
  • Adelphia Communications Corp.
  • Telogy, Inc.
  • United Air Lines, Inc.
  • Thermatrix, Inc.
  • Mathon Fund, LLC
  • Amber Lights, LLC
  • McLeodUSA Telecommunications Services, Inc.
  • Levitz Home Furnishings, Inc.
  • Cimarron Golf Club, LLC
  • Consolidated Freightways, Inc.
  • Claremont Acquisition Corp.
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
  • Haase v. Ellenberg Capital Corp.
  • City of Montebello-Orange County Chapter 9
  • American Airlines
  • APX Logistics
  • Georges Marciano
  • TWTR, Inc. (New England Audio Company)