Clark & Trevithick Obtained a Pre-Trial Dismissal of a Lawsuit Filed Against Two of the Firm's Clients in Federal District Court - Clark & Trevithick | Full Service Boutique Law Firm in Los Angeles, California | Southern California
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Clark & Trevithick Obtained a Pre-Trial Dismissal of a Lawsuit Filed Against Two of the Firm’s Clients in Federal District Court

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LOS ANGELES – December 13, 2016 – Clark & Trevithick obtained a pre-trial dismissal of a lawsuit filed against two Clark & Trevithick clients in federal district court.  The plaintiff alleged Clark & Trevithick’s clients committed fraud and other tortious wrongdoing in a multi-million dollar commercial transaction.   Clark & Trevithick filed a successful motion to dismiss the tort claims in the complaint.   After that motion to dismiss was granted, the plaintiff filed an amended complaint.   Clark & Trevithick then promptly filed a motion to dismiss the tort claims in the amended complaint. Clark & Trevithick argued that the plaintiffs’ tort claims lacked merit as a matter of law based on the written agreement that governed the commercial transaction and had been signed by all parties.  The Court granted that motion as well, with prejudice,  terminating the tort claims.  The plaintiff then quickly dismissed the sole remaining claim in the amended complaint for equitable relief and the case was thus fully resolved successfully in favor of Clark & Trevithick’s clients.   Clark & Trevithick shareholder David S. Olson handled the successful defense of this matter.


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